Gerber engineers decades of knowledge and experience into its best-in-class cutters. GERBERcutters® execute cut plans with precision and reliability, allowing you to accelerate delivery of your products to the market. 

Multi-Ply Conveyorized Cutting

With its intuitive interface, no prior experience is necessary to operate. Two models available: the LX Series cuts up to 2.75 cm (1.08 inches) and the HX Series cuts up to 7.2 cm (2.8 inches) of compressed material. Both are available in widths of 1.8 and 2.2 meters.

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Gerber Paragon Cutter


Single-Ply Conveyorized Cutting

Modular system to accommodate continuous flow process cutting.

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Gerber Z1 Cutter

Single-Ply Static Cutting

Ideal for samples, prototypes and small production runs.

Cutter length expandable in 12-foot sections up to 120 feet. Various table surface materials to suit different cutting applications.

For leather cutting of furniture, automotive seating, accessories and apparel.

Configurable length and table surfaces same as DCS 2500 model. Optional Pivex knife and ingress protection available.

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Gerber Z1 Cutter

Cutters for Packaging

Designed and engineered with more than 40 years of Data Technology and Gerber Scientific expertise, this high-speed, high-value cutting system helps you meet tough, time-sensitive deadlines.

The DT100 Series is the fastest, most economically priced cutting system on the market today!

The culmination of more than five years of design and development, the M Series is one of the most advanced and versatile digital cutting systems on the market.

The ML Series is Gerber’s latest addition to a long legacy of industry-leading laser systems. It draws on more than 20 years of experience and four years of advanced design and development.

Advanced technology provides low maintenance and user-friendly operation capable of cutting the highest quality dies, strippers and blanking tools. Fast Trak® raises the bar for quality and performance.

The Gerber RQL (Rotary Quick Lock) Series Laser combines the latest high-power laser technology with our patented, easy-to-use “quick lock” mounting system.

Now you can combine our Fast Trak® flat laser and RQL rotary laser into a compact, efficient, all-in-one cutting system. Our unique diverter box lets you share one laser source between these two powerful cutters.

Ideal for in-house die making operations, the WJ1300 waterjet cutting system is an integral part of Gerber’s die making equipment portfolio, which includes laser cutters, routers and rule benders.


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